Splitsville App Works to Make Divorce Positive

A woman seeking to divorce her husband was frustrated by the lack of support she received due to the stigma that can often be attached to divorce. Inspired by other apps for smartphones, she created a community-centered app and website that focused on divorce. Splitsville was born, becoming one of the first successful apps to address divorce in a positive and effective manner.

Splitsville Creates Positivity

The growingly popular app was influenced by the number of websites that can concern other life events, such as wedding planning, baby planning, and home decorating. Often these websites do not take into consideration another reality for most Americans; divorce can often accompany all of these life changes.

The app include the following features:

  • Advice for people going through breakups
  • Editorial stories on divorce-related topics
  • Community chats
  • The positivity and upside of divorce

All users remain anonymous, so if a partner is seeking advice or information on divorce, they can do so without fear their identity will be discovered.

The app provides another outlet outside of friends and family for one partner in any type of relationship to find for support. Not only that, but the support comes from people that have gone through it and are willing to help others. This help can range from suggestions for divorce lawyers or how to co-parent children.

While having a supportive community is important in your process, having an experienced divorce attorney on your side can help to ease the transition you face. Our firm offers free case consultations to begin this process. Contact Claery & Hammond today.