Pet Custody in Divorce Battles Becoming More Popular

The concern over pet ownership in divorce property agreements has becomes so popular that pets are being included in some couple's prenuptial agreements. With nearly 179 million cats and dogs living in United States households, there is a good chance that many of these will be involved in pet custody battles.

Making Legal Arrangements for Pets

When each partner has developed a deep connection to their pet, the care of the pet can be seen as similar to that of children. Prenuptial agreements are taking on the responsibility of primary custody and pet visitation even before the couple marries. While this may seem overly cautious, more and more couples are taking these steps.

Ways that a divorcing couple can work out agreements for beloved pets include:

  • Creating a visitation schedule for pets
  • Developing financial agreements for veterinarian visits, etc.
  • Understanding pet rules and routines, such as dog park visits

Pet custody cases are increasingly setting aside general property claims and focusing on the "best for all concerned" standard that has been upheld in multiple court cases. The best for all concerned standard allows both spouses to express concerns and answer questions regarding the best care for the pet.