Prenuptial Mediation as First Step in Marriage

Mediating prenuptial agreements can also be seen as a form of marriage mediation. In marriage mediation, a couple meets with a trained mediator that helps them identify problem areas in their marriage and the best way to move past these issues. Prenuptial mediation is the first step in this process.

Do we really need a prenuptial agreements?

Prenuptial agreements can be an uncomfortable topic that can stir up complicated emotions. Many prenuptial agreements begin with both parties strongly protecting their financial assets without taking into consideration the types of financial interplay that occurs in a marriage. The spouse with more money is generally convinced that the protection of their finances is absolutely necessary. The other spouse is going to get a lawyer and refute their claims or protect their property in an equal manner. The spouses are pitted against one another in negotiations before the marriage even begins.

Bitter feelings that occur during prenuptial negotiations can have a long-lasting and bitter effect on the couple if not handled correctly. Prenuptial mediation can allow both parties to express their concerns for the future together. A mediator may allow the parties to come to financial agreements that better suit their needs. Prenuptial mediation encourages a couple to consider their needs in the future and suggest provisions to the agreement that can change as the couple matures.

After prenuptial mediation, an attorney should examine the prenuptial agreement and ensure its legality and reflection of their client's interests. Claery & Hammond is here to address any questions or concerns you may have with a prenuptial agreement- call our firm today for a free case consultation!