Throwing Yourself a Divorce Party

When someone's going through an emotionally difficult divorce, sometimes there's no better way to seal the deal than to throw a divorce party. If you're getting close to the finish line, and your divorce will be final soon, why not celebrate the next chapter of your life with all of your friends?

When should I do it?

The whole point of a divorce party is to say to your friends, "It's over. I'm moving on with my life!" Obviously, you want to hold off on the party until it's officially over.

Besides, it's hard to get into the right mood before you know exactly what the divorce decree is going to say. So, you want to celebrate your divorce after the settlement agreement has been signed and the ink has had time to dry.

It's also nice to wait until after the judge has signed off on your divorce, that way you can show off the divorce decree at your party.

If you're serving alcohol, you don't want to plan your party for when your kids are home. Instead, plan it when your kids are staying with your ex, your mom, or someone else that you trust. Schedule the party for a time when you don't need to be anywhere the next morning, especially work!

Who to Invite to the Party

Some of the best guests are divorcees; they can relate to what you've just been through. Often, women only invite women, and men (who are far less likely to throw a divorce party) usually invite men and women. But, it's your party so you do it your way!

Since you're probably going to let loose, you may want to avoid inviting any co-workers or others who you're not comfortable with seeing you in a "compromising" state. Unless, you work in one of those workplaces where everybody socializes after work, then it may be okay to invite your co-workers.

Usually, a divorce party is no place for children, especially since you want them to maintain the best relationship possible with both of their parents.

What not to do at the party:

  • Don't do anything that embarrasses your ex.
  • Don't allow anyone to videotape or record what happens at the party.
  • Don't burn any photos from your wedding or love letters. While they may not mean anything to you, if you have children those items will mean something to them one day.

Now, throw yourself a party and have a good time – you deserve it!

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