Does Child Support Cover Extra-Curricular Activities?

If you are a parent who is headed for divorce, you'll soon be learning all about child support, the children's medical expenses, who pays for braces, and who's supposed to pay for your children's extra-curricular activities.

Which parent pays for extra-curricular activities? Essentially, extra-curricular activities are voluntary and the child participates in them outside of the school's academic curriculum. These are wide-ranging and include but are not limited to:

  • Swimming
  • Orchestra
  • Horseback riding lessons
  • Gymnastics
  • Sports, such as football, volleyball, and soccer
  • Dance classes
  • Vocal classes
  • Musical theatre
  • The Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts
  • Karate classes
  • Art classes
  • Acting or modeling classes
  • Learning an instrument
  • Cheerleading (in or out of school)

An extra-curricular activity may or may not be connected to a child's school. Most children benefit significantly by participating in extra-curricular activities, especially when development of a certain skillset leads to a college scholarship, which can occur when a child develops an exceptional ability in athletics, music, or the arts.

Usually, the child's parents are responsible for paying all costs involved in the extra-curricular activity. Aside from monthly tuition, these costs include paying for uniforms, shoes, instruments, costumes, sports equipment, and other fees, which can be in the hundreds, if not thousands each year.

Child Support: Extra-Curricular Activities

If your child is involved in one or more extra-curricular activities, please note that child support does not cover these costs. Instead, you and your soon-to-be-ex will be required to pay for the extra-curricular activities according to the terms in your divorce agreement.

Often, parents agree to split these costs 50/50, especially when the costs are significant. If you need further information about extra-curricular activities, paying for your child's education, child support, and other child-related expenses, don't hesitate to contact Claery & Hammond, LLP!