10 Divorce Resolutions for the New Year

Make 2015 Your Best Year

The New Year is the perfect time for a fresh start. This is the time for you to take your life by the reigns and steer it in the direction you want to. Whether you are seeking, in the middle of, or recently ending a divorce, you may feel as though your future is in the hands of the court or your former spouse. There are steps that you can take to enjoy that fresh start you've always desired.

For the best year ahead, follow these New Year's divorce resolutions:

  1. Make plans to complete and finalize the divorce.
  2. Meet with a therapist to work through the issues preventing you from moving forward and starting fresh with your life.
  3. Update all documents that may be attached to your former spouse.
  4. Meet with a financial expert and develop a plan for moving forward.
  5. Work on co-parenting and prevent divorce from affecting either parent's relationship with the children.
  6. Agree to maintain all visitation, custody, and support agreements no matter what.
  7. Accompany reasonable requests made regarding the children instead of fighting.
  8. Banish depression by exercizing regularly and picking up new hobbies.
  9. Work on forgiveness, both for your former spouse and importantly, yourself.
  10. Embrace and enjoy your new life.

Divorce is an extremely draining process that takes a lot of work to get through. You need to focus on preventing the negative thoughts from limiting your life. Follow our divorce advice and prepare to leave your former spouse in the past as you start your fantastic future.