When Divorce Is the Right Decision

Divorce is one of the most difficult decisions many couples must make in their lives. Some couples may choose to attend therapy and counseling sessions to try to work through some of the issues they are experiencing before scheduling meetings with an attorney to formally end their union. While couples should only divorce if they truly feel it is their best option, there are some instances when divorce has more benefits than simple "sticking it out."

Why is divorce sometimes better?

Even with counseling and the desire to improve a marital situation, there can be instances where a married couple is simply not able to work out major issues.

Some reasons why divorce may be a better option include:

  • It is not always to the benefit of the children to remain married
  • You and your spouse are no longer in love
  • Improvement of overall health and well-being
  • Freedom to find better and more fulfilling love
  • Only staying together for "the children"

There are many misconceptions surrounding divorce, like children will be irreconcilably impacted by the outcome. However, children are usually more affected by the negativity in a home when parents are constantly arguing. Many couples think that constantly working on their problems will be the only way to move past their concerns, without realizing that sometimes the best possible thing to do is recognize that irreconcilable differences.

If you or a loved one are wondering if divorce is right for you, feel free to contact the attorneys at Claery & Hammond. With nearly 30 years combined experience, our firm can clear up any concerns about divorce that you may have.