Things to Do Before Announcing a Divorce

January is one of the biggest months for divorce filings in the United States. Many people use the practice of making resolutions to put an end to a marriage that they are unhappy with. The stress of the holidays can convince couples that splitting up may be in the best interests of all and encourage them to take action.

Three Ways to Prepare For Divorce

Before announcing to a partner that one person is seeking a divorce, it is important that financial documents are gathered. This serves the dual purpose of making the process a little easier on the couple's respective attorneys but also to ensure that no important documents or information is being hidden in an attempt to limit property division.

Before announcing a divorce, it would be wise to:

  • Gather and copy all key financial documents, such as financial statements, tax returns, and real estate deeds.
  • Save up a year's worth of basic living expenses before making the decision to file, as divorce filings take time to complete.
  • Take time to find out what accounts are comingled and separate credit to avoid any problems or unauthorized spending that may occur.

Each of these steps carries enormous weight. Making copies of information before announcing the filing can help prevent you from waiting on your spouse to provide documents and data that can make a difference in negotiations. Additionally, being financially strong before filing can prevent the person that would receive spousal support from being stuck when they pay off their legal team or are left without needed finances.

Are you planning on filing for divorce this year? Taking a moment to prepare can make a significant difference! Contact Claery & Hammond to discuss what options you have moving forward and how our firm can make your divorce easier.