Discovering the Cost of Divorce

One of the reasons why some people may choose to delay their divorce is because of the financial toll that filing can cause. Cost of divorce is definitely a factor, but the health and happiness of an individual should be the primary motivation to file.

Questions to Ask When Filing For Divorce

While there is a minimum cost that divorce will incur, there are always ways to pinch pennies when necessary. For example, if a couple seems willing to compromise on issues in the divorce settlement, such as child custody and visitation, the couple may spend less time in litigation, which will significantly cut down legal fees and court costs. Even further, someone that takes the time to compile and copy all necessary financial documents can save the attorney significant digging, also making the divorce a cheaper option.

When meeting with a divorce attorney, be sure to ask the following questions to gauge cost:

  • What is the retainer amount and how much of the divorce will that cover?
  • Are alternative forms of dispute resolution available in this case?
  • What is the hourly cost for services and what may be charged to this?
  • Will there be a need to hire any outside experts to divide assets?
  • How long do you see the process lasting?
  • When are clients billed for legal services?
  • Can some of the cost of legal services be recovered from a spouse?
  • What payment options are available if the cost cannot be paid up front?

The cost of a divorce should not be a hidden secret from a client. By directly asking an attorney important questions about the financing of their divorce, a person will be able to make a responsible and educated decision.

When you call Claery & Hammond concerning your divorce, you will be speaking with knowledgeable and experienced family law attorneys that can work with you from the beginning of your filing to the end of the divorce.