Don't Make These Divorce Mistakes!

If you're getting divorced, you're not alone. With approximately 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, you have bigger things to worry about than the stigma of being a "divorced guy" or "divorced gal."

As someone about to walk down the divorce path, here are some things that we suggest that you always keep in mind.

#1. Don't be afraid to file the divorce papers. It doesn't make a difference which party files for divorce first. If your spouse is the one to take you to court, there's a better chance that you will be acting on emotion, rather than focusing on the business aspect of the situation.

#2. Don't lose your cool. It's one thing to argue when you're married, but it's different when you're getting divorced. If you get angry, or use threatening language, it can be used against you in court. If your language is perceived as threatening, it can lead to a restraining order, which could get you removed from the house.

#3. Posting pics on Facebook with your new sweetheart is great…unless you're in the middle of a divorce. Know that whenever you post something on Facebook or Twitter, it could be used against you. Something as innocent as posting pics of you at a bar, or on vacation could hurt your case. You don't have to deactivate your accounts, just be smart and when in doubt, don't post pics or update your status.

#4. Don't be so quick to move out. If you move out, not only can it affect your ability to gain child custody, it's more expensive because the other household still has to be supported. While living with the person you're divorcing may not be easy, it may be the most cost-effective decision for now.

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