How to Get Your Divorce Right

If you're getting divorced, perhaps your marriage wasn't a raging success, but there's a good chance that you got some great kids out of it. The divorce on the other hand, can be successful if you play your cards right.

Divorce for most people has a way of seeming messy, especially at first, and some couples seem determined to make it even messier, both financially and emotionally. If you're already an emotional wreck and if the idea of fighting over the details fills you with dread, there is a better way.

Don't Underestimate the Power of Negotiations

First and foremost, negotiating a fair settlement will go a long way. With the divorce settlement, use those funds to improve your financial standing, whether that means a new house or investing in a more financially rewarding career.

Here are more suggestions to divorce the right way:

Avoid a legal battle because it will hurt you both. Work towards negotiating a fair and reasonable settlement as opposed to arguing over every dime. Trust us, there are much cheaper ways to work through your resentment.

Consider living closer to your ex-spouse. Having your ex-spouse around the corner may go against conventional thinking, but if you have kids it means you'll probably see less of your ex. Instead of awkward drop-offs and pickups, the kids can walk back and forth.

A reservoir of goodwill comes in handy. One day it'll be your week with the kids, but your boss will have other plans. There will be times when you're going to need your ex's help.

If your ex goes on to do well financially, don't let it bother you. Sure, it can be frustrating but in the end, it's your children who will be the beneficiaries of your ex's good fortune.

Treat your ex like a business partner. Forget about bad blood, and ignore their personal life. Instead, focus on the only thing that matters, which is raising your children.