3 Tips for a Great Divorce

Sometimes divorce is a terribly traumatic event, and there can be plenty of explanations as to why. But for others, splitting up can be a grief-filled experience that brings genuine loss and wonderful opportunities.

If the latter describes you, and you two simply aren't meant to be married anymore, but you're good people who are trying to treat each other decently, here are some great ways to protect your fragility:

1. Keep some distance from each other.
While it may be tempting to remain "friends," and stay close, this can get a little confusing, especially during the divorce process. If you can manage to treat each other with respect, that's great, but you still need a safe, professional distance while you conduct the business of divorce.

Hopefully one day, your co-parenting partnership will transform into a new friendship that can flourish.

2. Get a lawyer who's also a mediator.
Let's face it, lawyers prepare you for the worst while mediators try to bring out your best. The solution? Hire a great divorce mediator who is also a lawyer. If you're not a war with your spouse, heading to a sharky lawyer can start one.

If you have a decent relationship, are willing to work with each other and no huge issues, try divorce mediation first. You'll save money and are more likely to come out the other end with the positive aspects of your relationship intact.

3. Spend time as a family.
If it's possible, make time to get together as a family. Take the kids out to dinner and show them that you both still care about them and each other. While they're probably going to want you back together, at least you can demonstrate to them that they still have two loving parents who value each other, and that you're still a family no matter what.

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