Complete This 'Divorce Checklist'

Divorce is known for being complicated and overwhelming, thus, it's no wonder why some things "slip" through the cracks. Sometimes though, these things can be big and have a significant impact. To avoid the common pitfalls of divorce, follow our divorce checklist:

1. Pull your credit report twice during your divorce.
It's not uncommon to find out months or years after the divorce that there was a sizeable credit card bill that you forgot to deal with during the divorce. To avoid this hassle, pull your credit report before and at the end of your divorce.

2. Get a P.O. Box to protect your privacy.
It's common for married couples to open mail addressed to both of them, but during divorce, your spouse may open mail that you don't want him or her to read, for example, a letter from your attorney. Our advice: get a P.O. Box ASAP.

3. Protect your online accounts.
It's highly likely that your spouse (or their attorney, friends or relatives) will cyber-spy on you. Since there's a good chance that your spouse knows or could find out your passwords for your email, social media and financial accounts, be sure to change all of your passwords and create a new email account.

4. Make sure all money is properly transferred.
If you got a judgement that says that your ex is supposed to transfer money from their retirement account, you need to get a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) to ensure that that money is actually transferred; the divorce judgement won't do it for you.

5. Secure your irreplaceable items.
In the midst of divorce, it's not uncommon for jewelry and family photographs to mysteriously disappear. If you wait months or years to get your personal items, they may not be there when you go looking or asking for them. Be sure to put your irreplaceable items someplace safe that is outside of your home!

To learn more about the "divorce checklist," contact our Los Angeles divorce attorney!