Going Public About Your Divorce Gracefully

Now that you're getting divorced, you have to decide how to tell people. Once you utter the first word, you're walking through a minefield for personal and legal reasons. You need to know what to say and what NOT to say while going through the divorce process.

Given the fact that what you say out of court can affect what happens in court, we want to offer this advice about going public about your divorce with grace.

Have a game plan.
Announcing your divorce isn't something you want to do on the fly; you should have a plan. Know what you're going to do, what you're going to say, and in what order. Don't be too proud to write it down.

Decide who you're going to tell and when.
It's important that others don't know you've filed for divorce before your spouse, and that your kids don't get the news from your best friend's kid. Tell the people who will be affected the most first, and decide beforehand what language you're going to use.

Know what to say.
Telling your closest friends and family that you're getting divorced won't be enough, they'll want to know more. After all, they've invested time and energy in your marriage themselves. Decide ahead of time exactly what you're going to say, and your reasons for splitting. Be calm rather than using emotional language.

Keep your PR in.
It's important to keep your PR in and to remain positive on the outside. Think about what you're going to say and memorize it because people will dig for dirty details. This helps you from talking about things you don't want to, or saying things that are counterproductive. Know your message, internalize it and stick to it.

Take the High Road on Social Media
Anything you post on social media is public and it can be used against you. Don't mention anything divorce related and avoid all forms of rants – big or small. Be aware of anything you put in a text or email, because the judge could end up reading it.

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