What to Consider in a San Diego Divorce

Are you on the brink of divorce in San Diego? If so, you may be familiar with the popular saying, "You don't know what you don't know," which definitely applies to divorce. Since spouses generally experience more satisfaction with their divorce when they are well-informed from the beginning, we want to help you better understand the divorce process in California.

When divorcing, there is a lot to consider. Unfortunately, all too often spouses don't realize what they should have known until the divorce process is over, but that doesn't have to include you. In order to maximize your knowledge factor from the onset, here are the key things you need to consider from this point forward:

  • Do I have a full knowledge of our personal finances?
  • Could my spouse be hiding assets from me?
  • What will we do with the marital residence?
  • Will I receive or pay spousal support?
  • What do I want to happen to my children?
  • How much of the marital estate am I legally entitled to?
  • Can a collaborative divorce save me money?
  • Should I be careful of what I post on social media?
  • Can I date during my divorce?
  • Does marital misconduct affect spousal support or property division?
  • What are my rights and obligations?
  • Will moving out affect child custody?
  • Can I count on spousal support, or should I start looking for a job?
  • My kids are older, can they choose who to live with?
  • What if I'm a victim of domestic violence, should I handle things differently?

If you're headed for divorce, the best way to protect yourself legally and financially is to speak to a San Diego divorce lawyer from our firm immediately. If you haven't told your spouse that you want a divorce, you're better off meeting with a lawyer before you tell your spouse you want to end the marriage.

When you speak with an attorney before you tell your spouse, you can be proactive instead of reactive. If your spouse starts making threats, such as, "You won't get a dime" or "You'll never see the kids again," you can be calm because you'll know that those are only empty threats.

We've found that it helps spouses to be fully informed of the divorce process; it helps by reducing stress and giving them a sense of control when everything else in their life seems to be changing. For the divorce support you need, don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.