What is a DVRO and do you Need One?

DVRO stands for Domestic Violence Restraining Order. These orders are essential if you feel threatened by your spouse or ex. According to Women’s Law, domestic violence is defined in very specific terms in California. Domestic violence can be inflicted by a current spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. An abuser can also be a former spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Men and women that are parent of your children can be linked to domestic violence. In addition, someone that you are related to through blood or marriage can be linked to a domestic violence crime against you. This even includes abusive brothers, sisters, or parents.

If a person with one of these relationships to you causes or attempts to cause you physical injury, or sexually assaults you, then you can make a case for domestic violence. You can also claim domestic violence if you are threatened by that person, and he or she leads you to believe that you are in immediate danger of physical injury or death. Anytime that you are harassed or threatened through phone calls, e-mails, text messages or other terrifying means, this can also be grounds for a restraining order. If your personal property is violated, or your peace is disturbed, then you should also request legal protection.

If you can prove that any of the above situations applies to your case, then file an affidavit with the court to get a restraining order against the person who is a threat to you and your family. There are a variety of different restraining orders you can choose from, and you will want the help of a family lawyer to determine which order is the best for you. A lawyer at Claery & Hammond cares about your safety, and wants to rid your fears of danger. If you allow us to partner with you, we will work hard to give you the DVRO you need to sleep soundly at night and know that you will not be harmed. Contact us for any legal battles between an ex or current partner.