Refinancing Your Home in Your Name Alone Post-Divorce

In the event of a divorce, your property was probably subject to a division. Your ex-spouse may receive certain shared properties and you will be able to keep other shared properties that are a part of your collective fortune. When you received a divorce settlement, did your judgment give you time to refinance a house in your name?

If you were able to secure your former residency, then you want to make sure to refinance it in your name, keeping your ex-spouse from having any power over the sale of the home. If you fail to do this, then your spouse may be able to force a sale on the home. With interest rates somewhat low at present, there are lots of possible buyers that may be willing to purchase your home. You will want to refinance your home now while the interest rates are low, as they could rise in the near future.

If you were not given this time allotment as a part of your divorce settlement, you may be able to petition for a modification to add in this provision. This way, you will be able to refinance the home in your timing and will not need to fear the possibility of your ex-spouse abusing your right to the property. Hire a lawyer immediately if you have run into a real estate complication post-divorce.

A Los Angles family attorney at Claery & Hammond can assist you with this modification and help the court to understand the necessity of refinancing. Don't hesitate to hire a lawyer at the firm, as a professional will be able to argue your case better than you could do on your own. The compassionate and caring lawyers at Claery & Hammond are waiting to help! Call them today!