Visitation and Custody Issues: Act Now!

If your ex-spouse has had custody of the children over the summer, make sure that he or she is prompt in returning the children back to you for the school year. Every year, parents fail to return the children, or will enroll them in schools near their house, leaving the custodial parent cheated and frustrated. This is illegal. If you are the court-appointed primary custodian of the children, then you have the express right take action against a spouse that tries to take the children.

You will want to get started now if you suspect foul play. Hire an attorney to be ready for you in case there is a conflict. If you are worried that your spouse has made plans to keep the children past the court-allowed summer visitation, a Los Angeles family attorney at Claery & Hammond can stand beside you and enforce your rights. You will want to act immediately, as school is starting soon for many children. The attorneys at Claery & Hammond can schedule a court appointment, or can write a letter to the court explaining the situation and motivating the court to take actions against the unruly parent.

If a non-custodial parent is violating the divorce settlement, he or she may be fined or may lose visitation and part-time custody rights as a result. You will want to make sure to collect all evidences that your ex-spouse was planning to keep the children. This will help the Los Angeles lawyer to work through the case and prove to the court that you are not just being over-cautious. The compassionate and caring lawyers at this firm are focused on helping you with your case immediately. Make sure to contact your attorney promptly for more information!