Why You Should Avoid DIY Divorces

Online, many websites market DIY divorces that can help individuals to organize and settle the paperwork that they need. More and more people are choosing to divorce without the help of an attorney, and sites like MyDivorcePapers.com and iDivorceForms.com are helping filers to do just that. These websites provide the paperwork necessary for a divorce without the legal consultation. This may save money, but in the end may lead to excessive complications.

Divorce Services from a Non-Attorney

Divorce attorneys say that things can get excessively complicated when one party has a divorce attorney and the other is doing a DIY divorce. The party without legal representation will be at a disadvantage and may have a less-than-favorable outcome in his or her case. Some divorcees are starting to search for the cheapest DIY divorce that they can find. This is typically on Craigslist.

While a cheap divorce from Craigslist may seem appealing, you could lose money in the end when you are not able to argue for your right to spousal support or child custody because you do not have a lawyer there to advocate for you in court. There is a law which bars all non-lawyers from dispensing legal advice, which means that you may be at a loss when trying to fill out your DIY divorce forms. You will not be able to seek aid with the forms because this would be dispensing legal advice.

Many DIY divorce sites advertised on Craigslist are not registered with the Better Business Bureau, which should always act as a warning. If you were considering this divorce route, we strongly suggest that you contact a Los Angeles divorce attorney at our firm first. You may find that you will save money in the end by having professional legal representation on your side. Contact the firm today!