Parents can Fight for a Grandparent's Rights Too!

If your parents are being kept from your children because of an ex-spouse, you have the right to petition for their grandparent's rights. You can fight on their behalf if you believe that it is in your children's best interest to let them spend time with their grandparents. For example, if your ex-husband says that he does not want the children near your grandparents, and withholds them from seeing these elderly individuals, you have the right to take action. You can file a petition with the court and open up a case about grandparent's rights.

If you and your attorney can prove that your children have had a long-standing relationship with your parents, and you believe that it would be beneficial for them to continue with that relationship, then your ex-husband's wishes may be voided. You will need to prove that your parents are honorable and reliable human beings and that they would never harm the children or encourage them in illegal activities. If you plan on taking the children to visit your parents this summer, or plan to take a vacation and bring your parents along as well as the children, then you will want to get this court battle settled immediately.

Unless you hire a Los Angeles family attorney to stand beside you promptly, you may lose your window of opportunity. Soon, the summer will be in full swing and you may not be able to secure the legal privileges that you need before your trip approaches. If you want to start a summertime grandparent's rights dispute, then you need to hire an attorney right away and take action as soon as possible. At Claery & Hammond we are willing to help you along and argue for a speedy decision about grandparents' rights. Talk to a lawyer at our firm today!