Dismissing your Divorce in California

Sometimes, individuals change their mind at the last minute and may decide that they no longer want to get a divorce. If you filed for a divorce but have not had a change of heart and would like to stay married, then you will want to contact a Los Angeles family lawyer to work through a dismissal of divorce. The California laws write that it is not of much concern why a couple wants to dismiss their divorce. Whether you have worked out your issues, or would like to wait to divorce until you are in a more stable place financially, the court will grant you a dismissal as long as you go through the process efficiently.

The California courts have a process that they adhere to when processing dismissals. Those who want to dismiss their divorce are required to download a Request for Dismissal and CIV-120 Notice of Early Dismissal and Proof of Service. If your spouse filed the suit or file a response to the suit, then he or she must also sign the form. You will then need to deliver three copies of the form to the clerk's office of the court where the case was filed. After the court has processed these copies they will be returned to you so that you can have them for your records.

It is important to have one copy of each form served to your spouse. You may not serve or mail the papers to your spouse yourself, but you can have anyone else do the delivery for you as long as they over 18 years of age. While some people will hire a sheriff or a process server to serve the papers, you can also have a friend do this for you.

Whoever serves the forms is required to sign a copy of the CIV-120 and give it back to you. It is important that you file the forms with the court. You will then receive a stamped copy back and will be required to retain it with your records. Once you have received the copy back, your divorce will be dismissed and you can continue in your marriage. Contact a lawyer at the firm today if you want more information!