About Mandatory Parenting Classes

Many California courts require that divorcee parents take parenting classes to understand how to best care for their families following a split. There are a variety of different types of parenting classes that are sometimes required of divorcing couples.

These include everything from basic programs to intensive courses for families that have difficulties that affect their lives. Most courts require couples to complete parenting classes before the judge will issue the final divorce decree. If one parent fails to take the classes, he or she may be denied custody or visitation until the individual is in compliance with the law.

This means that taking these classes can be an essential step towards getting custody of your children in a court case. Parents in divorce cases are only allowed to attend parenting classes that have been approved by the court. At the start of a case, both spouses are provided a list of approved parenting class programs. They have to choose one that is at a convenient time and location and make every effort to attend.

Courts throughout the United States have been requiring parenting classes for divorcees since the late 1980's. The goal of parenting classes is to present parents with the tools needed to care for children in a post-divorce environment. Sometimes children will have a difficult period of adjustment when they are dealing with the split. They may have a difficult time understanding why their parents are separated, and may believe that they are responsible.

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