Creating a Parenting Plan for Pre-Teens

Pre-teen children are at a special age where they are especially vulnerable to emotional damage as a result of divorce. That is why it is essential to be very careful when establishing a child custody plan for children of this age. According to the Los Angeles Superior Court, the years between 10 and 13 are very important in a child's life when the young one does not feel that he or she is a child, but is not fully a teenager. This transitional period is typically a time when children crave security that comes from family connection.

Protecting Your Child's Emotional Health in a Divorce

That's why parents need to develop a neutral, child-focused and age-appropriate explanation for separation or divorce. Parents should also encourage their pre-teens to express problems that they are dealing with about the separation or divorce and should try to talk them through these struggles. It is also important for parents to support their child's need to spend time with the other parent in the separation. Allow your child to express positive feelings about the other parent, and work hard to remain neutral in your relationship with your ex for the child's sake.

Also, the Los Angeles Superior Court suggests that parents help their child balance time among parents and other family commitments. It is important to reassure your child that the problems you have between you and your ex-spouse are not the young one's fault. Many pre-teens may assume that they are the cause for a serious divorce. Children will also feel overwhelmed and frustrated if they are not able to fix complicated problems that they are dealing with.

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