The Mediation Process: What Happens in Mediation

What Is Mediation?

Sometimes, couples that are not in tune with one another need to hire a mediator to help them reconcile their differences. During mediation, parents will be asked to complete and sign a form concerning their children if they are trying to determine who will have custody. Normally, mediation is confidential, meaning that the mediator will not reveal any of the information about the conversations that have taken place during sessions.

Creation of Parenting Plans & Custody

In mediation, the assigned mediator will meet with the parents together or individually. Individual sessions are available in domestic violence classes as well for those who are victims. Mediators will typically ask a lot of questions as they strive to understand a family's history. They will also help parents focus on creating a parenting plan that is in the best interests of all of their children. Also, the mediator may share information for both parents on the developmental needs of all the children.

Mediators will also help parents to consider all options as they work through custody. They may need to discuss legal and physical custody, as well as holiday and vacation schedules. In addition they may need to work through transportation issues and other are specific to the needs of the children. If you want more information about the mediation process, then you need to contact an attorney today for more information.

Get in Touch with a Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles

With the right Los Angeles divorce lawyer on your side, you may be able to navigate through parental custody disputes and work through complications. Attorneys can also attend your mediation appointments to help you communicate your thoughts and concerns about a particular process.

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