Is Mediation Mandatory in Los Angeles Divorce Cases?

If you are in the midst of a divorce, you may be wondering whether or not you should seek mediation assistance in your case. If you are going to be deciding a child custody plan as a part of the process, mediation is often recommended.

According to the Los Angeles Superior Court, if you and your spouse cannot be friendly and reasonable with each other as you work through the custody dispute, you may be required to do to mediation. For example, if there is a volatile custody dispute, then you will be required to attend mediation.

When Is Mediation Required in Divore Cases?

The Family Code requires that if there is a contested issue regarding the children, then the parents will need to attempt to resolve the dispute in a mediation setting. Only after this attempt has been made will the court make orders in a litigated hearing. This is also true when individuals are working through dissolution filings and paternity filings. Mediation may also be required ion some guardianship cases.

If you need to schedule a mediation appointment in accordance with the Los Angeles Superior Court requirements, then you will want to talk to your attorney. In some cases, a lawyer may also be able to act as a mediator.

Normally, mediation will involve a meeting with both ex-spouses and the mediator helping the parties to communicate their concerns about a particular custody arrangement. If the mediation is fruitless, then the court may make an executive decision regarding child custody. It is always best to work towards an amicable divorce so that you can bypass mediation requirements.

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