Three Options for Holiday Custody

If you are separated from a spouse or partner and are now dividing time spent with your children, then you will want to make sure to make a comprehensive plan for the holidays. During the holidays, parents naturally want to have their children nearby, but sometimes it is necessary to create a plan that is a bit of a compromise. If you and your ex have shared custody, then you may be able to use one of these options to make sure you both get equal time with the children during the holiday season.

Shared Custody for Christmas & New Year's

First, you can create an arrangement where one parent gets the children from the first day of winter break until the 26thof December. The second parent will then have the children from the 26th of December until they go back to school in January. This way, one parent gets the children for Christmas and the other gets to celebrate the New Year. Normally parents that do this arrangement rotate so that a parent will have the children on Christmas every other year.

Another option is to share holidays around Christmas by dividing the 2th, 25th, and 16th of December. In this arrangement, one parent will have the children for all of Christmas Eve and the first half of Christmas Day. The other parent will then have the children for the second half of Christmas Day and the day after. The parents can then divide the rest of the child's winter break to their preference.

A third option that is used by some divorced parents is to split the holiday season into three segments, isolating Christmas day. This is essentially a combination of the two above suggestions, dividing winter break in half but then also dividing the three days surrounding Christmas.

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