How Should You Handle Frequent Flyer Miles During Divorce?

Some couples travel frequently and may have accumulated frequent flyer miles during their marriage. These miles can be used to purchase free tickets to a variety of destinations throughout the United States. If you and your spouse accumulated these miles when married, you will want to make sure that the frequent flyer mile situation is divided up during property division procedure. This is so that you can make sure you at least get your fair share of the miles. Oftentimes assets like frequent flyer miles are commonly overlooked until it is too late.

Many spouses are too concerned with finances or furniture to even think about their accumulated frequent flyer miles. Yet a year down the road when the ex-spouse wants to fly to Hawaii on vacation and doesn't have the money to afford a plane ticket, those frequent flyer miles may come to mind. At this point, if the miles were never transferred, an ex-spouse may have exclusive claim to the miles. This means that he or she will get to use the miles as he or she desires without sharing with the ex-spouse.

This is why it is important to negotiate all assets during a property division. Be creative and think outside the box to any finances, points, miles, or other properties that you and your spouse may own together. If you are concerned about certain assets or if you have already finalized your divorce and remembered an asset such as frequent flyer miles, hire a Los Angeles family attorney at Claery & Hammond to assist you. With the right attorney there to help, you may be capable of securing the assets that you desire. This may take aggressive representation in court and some convincing work. Don't hesitate to contact an attorney today to learn more.