Separation and Switching the Children's School

If you are currently separating from your spouse and need to relocate the children to a different school, you may need to get the courts involved before making a decision. When you file for legal separation, the court will issue temporary custody orders which can help you to distinguish whether you have the right ot uproot your children from the school that they are attending.

In a legal separation, the court will give physical and legal custody to one or both parents. If possible, the courts tend to like keeping children in the school that they have been attending throughout the year. This can help the children to have some stability despite the confusing process of divorce and the split of their family. If you are the custodial parent during a separation and are moving to a location where it would be impossible to commute and take the children to their original school, then you may want to run it by the courts before making a transfer.

A Los Angeles divorce attorney can help you to determine the best approach when switching a child's school. You may discover that it is best to ask the children what they would like to do, or you may even want to temporarily allow the children to remain with your spouse in the marital home while you separate for a time. While this can be difficult, the court will often decide their case in the children's best interests.

Don't hesitate to call our Los Angeles divorce firm right away if you want more information about switching your children's school mid-year and how this will affect divorce. A compassionate and caring lawyer at your firm can help you to get the advice and the legal help that you need.