Why Collaborative Divorce is Better

A bad divorce can destroy a family, especially when there are children involved, and as divorce lawyers, we don't want to see our clients go through that.

After years of working in the trenches, we are convinced that a contested divorce can be a long and painful experience for the entire family.

Divorce can be very stressful, but it doesn't have to get ugly. Wherever possible, we use the collaborative divorce approach in our practice, which enables the spouses to tackle their divorce outside of the courts.

With this method, agreements are reached around a conference table, and they are resolved with dignity and respect.

Seeking a Gentler Divorce

These days, more people, especially Baby Boomers are turning to collaborative divorce. Why is collaborative better? It's because a collaborative divorce:

  • It's less stressful
  • It's more peaceful
  • Saves time and money
  • Avoids the courtroom angst
  • The couple sets their own pace
  • Spouses voice their own interests
  • It's less harmful on children's psyches
  • It allows spouses to maintain control over the divorce

The divorce process takes a team of people. It includes the spouses, each of their respective attorneys, and sometimes financial professionals, and mediators.

Everyone works to create workable solutions, rather than pitting the spouses against each other in a courtroom. The rewards of a collaborative divorce are significant.

No matter what went wrong in the marriage, you learn to work through your issues and find practical solutions. No one wants to raid their retirement accounts to pay for their divorce, and going to court is more expensive, it takes a lot longer, and it's harder on the children.

A collaborative divorce can take just three or four months to settle, whereas a contested divorce can drag on for years, and there's no control over the timing.

Collaborative divorces can reach a rough patch, but people rarely drop out of a collaborative divorce. Usually, the team works through any thorny issues that arise.

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